Video blog activity or more popular with vlogs is in demand of all people, especially young people globally. Their goal is to make vlogs on YouTube also diverse, some want to earn income, some want to be famous, or both.

Fill in the contents of the vlog itself in a variety of ways, such as talking about traveling, their daily activities, prank, culinary, interviewing famous artists, and other activities that are being hit and liked by the public.

Of course, behind its success in making vlog content and viral on YouTube, there are devices that support this activity. One of them is the vlog camera that is used.

Along with the number of people who are touching being a YouTuber, the business of the camera business for this vlogger is increasing. No wonder many electronics companies like Canon began producing cameras for vlogs.

Well, if you want to become a YouTubers, don’t forget to buy a vlog camera that has the best quality. In order, the videos uploaded on YouTube can be accepted by the public. Then, what vlog cameras can you use to make the video. Come on, see the reviews below!

Know Some Kinds of Cameras for Vlogs

1. Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Edition Silver Camera Vlog

Brica B-Pro 5’s vlog camera is perfect for those of you who like to make video blogs on YouTube. Especially if you are a traveller, this camera is perfect for you to carry and receive.

Small and waterproof, able to collect and capture your precious moments while traveling. And most importantly, compiling you on the mountain or having to dive, this camera can still be used and doesn’t need to be afraid of being damaged.

The specifications of the Brica B-Pro 5 vlog camera are as follows:

  • It has a 5 MP capacitor lens with a CMOS sensor. That way you will be able to produce the best videos and photos.
  • Has 4 x digital zoom
  • 1.5 “TFT True Colour LCD
  • Having Wi-Fi so that easy to transfer documentation to a laptop or pc device
  • The lens uses a fixed focus wide angle of 1700
  • The video uses MOV format
  • The price is very affordable, which is around 1.199 million.

2. Canon EOS 70D Camera Vlog

The type of camera has good image quality. Every video or image that is targeted always makes the user never disappointed.

The specifications of the Canon EOS 70D camera are as follows:

  • Has a 20.2 MP camera resolution
  • It has an APS-C Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor that will give the best touch to targeted images or videos
  • Has a resolution of 1920 x 1070 that uses the MOV format
  • Display 3 by using an LCD touchscreen
  • Using a battery pack type LP-E6
  • There is a USB 2.0 HDMI interface port
  • There is a self-timer feature
  • The price tag for the Canon camera is 12 million.

To upload videos on YouTube, clear video is needed and the sound is not noisy. Well, the Canon camera is facilitated also a silent shutter mode feature to muffle the sounds.

3. Sony A5100 Camera Vlog

A vlogger is definitely identical to recording all its own activities or called selfie. Therefore, Sony also produces an A5100 series camera to make it easier for vloggers to take pictures.

The advantages that are highlighted from this Sony A5100 camera is that the 3 inch LCD on the camera can be folded up so that it is very easy to use by vloggers. Moreover, supported by the image quality that is good enough to make the vlogger feel at home for long using the camera.

The specifications of the Sonya A5100 camera are as follows:

  • Has a 24 MP resolution that makes the image look sharper and clearer.
  • The quality of video recording is very good because it uses full HD to 1080p / 60fps AND 24 FPS which is supported by XAVCS Codec.
  • The weight of the Sony 399 gram camera
  • Has a hybrid autofocus feature
  • The kit lens used is 16-50mm f
  • There is Wi-Fi and NFC which makes it easy to transfer data
  • Has an APS-C24 MP image sensor
  • ISO used 12800

4. GoPro Hero4 Black Camera Vlog

This camera has a light weight and the best image and video quality. Moreover, it is equipped with Wi-Fi that can directly upload or upload videos to your YouTube address.

If you are interested, we will describe the following about the detailed specifications of the GoPro Hero 4 camera.

  • Has a capacity of 12 MP with photos at 30 fps
  • Supports 4k30 and 1080p video
  • Features video and photo time lapse features
  • There are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features
  • The lens uses an angle glass lens and super view
  • Settings and lighting for night
  • Rechargeable Li-ion type battery

5. Sony A7 Camera Vlog

In this series Sony also produces other cameras than usual, namely mirrorless cameras, where the type of camera is in demand by everyone.

In this type of camera, Sony makes a small form but has super-sophisticated features. So that the vloggers are at home using it, especially the results of the images or videos presented are very good and interesting.

To find out more details about the features of the camera, we summarize it in the following specifications:

  • The resolution used is 2 Megapixel
  • It has a hybrid phase detection auto focus feature to speed up objects when the cameraman is aiming at them especially when in bright enough light
  • There is an NFC and Wi-Fi feature so there is no need to use a data cable to transfer photos to a laptop
  • Full HD video with a capacity of 1080 / 60p

6. Canon EOS M3 Camera Vlog

The trend of small-sized cameras is indeed being targeted by camera manufacturers. One of them is a Canon company that is known to have many good camera products, releasing a tiny camera that can be used to do blogger videos.

The vlogger uses the camera because it can be done anytime and anywhere. The more detailed specifications of the camera we will review below:

  • The Canon EOS M3 3-inch LCD camera can be folded and also rotated
  • There is a Mic Input Yes feature
  • Sensors on 24MP APS-C CMOS cameras
  • The lens uses a Canon EF-M mount
  • Resolution of a 6000 x 4000 camera
  • There is a USB 2.0 feature
  • The battery uses a type of lithium-ion battery and also a charger
  • Screen uses Clear View ii TFT-LCD type and also the screen can be folded and rotated.

7. Xiaomi Y1M1 Mirrorless Camera Vlog

After successfully producing smartphone electronic goods, Xiaomi began to vent to produce other electronic goods, namely cameras for vlogger.

No less with the camera company that has been there before, the quality of the camera brand Y 1 M1 Mirrorless has features that are no less sophisticated.

Preferred by vloggers, it has also been proven to be able to make good video content and the price tag is still affordable.

The specifications of the Mirrorless Xiaomi Y1M1 camera are as follows:

  • Camera resolution of 20 megapixels
  • Sensor type uses CMOS
  • ISO Auto 100-25600
  • The resulting photo resolution reaches 50 megapixels
  • Connectivity uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Video resolution reaches 4K 30 fps
  • Touchscreen LCD Display
  • Using lithium-ion batteries and chargers

8. Canon Power Shot G7X Camera Vlog

The majority of vloggers use the Canon powers hot G7X camera. Because this camera has features that really support their activities. This vlog camera can also produce good images and video results.

The specifications of the Canon power shot G7X vlog camera are as follows:

  • 20 MP camera type BSI CMOS sensor
  • Use clicking control dial around the lens
  • There is a flip up rear touchscreen feature
  • Has Wi-Fi and NFC features

Many vloggers have used the camera. Besides being good in its specifications this camera is also not “fussy” in its maintenance.

9. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC- RX100 Camera Vlog

In addition to the Canon power shot camera, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC camera brand is also used by local and foreign vloggers to create interesting video content.

Well, if you want to use it too before buying, it would be nice to know the specifications of the camera, namely:

  • Camera resolution of 21 megapixels with max resolution of 5472 x 3468
  • The battery uses lithium – Ion NP-BX1 battery. With this type of battery you can produce an image of approximately 330 sheets.
  • The LCD screen used is 3 inches in size
  • The ISO has 125-6400
  • Has 13 picture effects
  • Sensor photo 21 megapixels
  • 1080p video capacity that can produce 60 videos

10. Canon EOS M10 Camera Vlog

This camera also has a light weight so you can carry it anytime and anywhere. Especially if you are a more indoor vlogger, bringing this camera is also quite practical.

The following detailed camera specifications:

  • The price of the EOS M10 Camera is 5.2 million
  • The camera has an 18 megapixel capacity with clear, clear and sharp resolution. If the video results are good, then the audience of your channel will appreciate it.
  • Using the type of CMOS sensor, where the noise in the image will decrease and the quality of the video will be smaller and better.
  • Using the Hybrid CMOS AFII fast auto focus system
  • The 3 inch LCD touchscreen capacity is 180 degrees

To be able to carry out the profession as a governor, currently supporting facilities are needed that are very adequate. Of course this is to be able to show the quality of your channel that is made seriously and professionally.

Therefore, it is not wrong to be able to invest early to buy the best cameras that support your activities in making videos.

That way, what you spend as the best ideas and ideas can be accepted in the wider community both at home and abroad.

All the information above can be useful for you.