Along with the development of the times and technology, many new discoveries are increasingly sophisticated and easier in all aspects of human life. The new discoveries continue to contribute to making it easier for humans to carry out living activities every day.

If obeyed, there have been many inventions in various fields and one of them is discoveries in terms of digital cameras.

In this age who is not familiar with digital cameras?

Almost everything from children to adults is no stranger to these high-tech objects. Since the presence of this digital camera, it also affects the lives of humans, especially in facilitating humans to take pictures easily, effectively and quickly.

1. Compact Camera

The first type of digital camera you can know is a compact camera. Before the emergence of various types of other digital cameras, this type of camera has been widely circulated and used by many people along with the emergence of the analog camera Single Lens Reflex (SLR).

Both the pocket camera and the SLR camera were very popular and were used by photographers during his time. The transfer of analog to digital technology also does not reduce the interest of photography lovers to keep using this pocket camera.

Lots of digital camera brands that you can get with various brands, prices, and specifications. This camera, also has a village that is very compact so it is easy to carry and use everywhere.

The image quality offered by this pocket camera is indeed not as good as an SLR camera, but it does not reduce the interest of photography lovers to continue using this type of digital camera. This type of camera is usually used for beginners in the world of photography. Almost all of the features in this camera are automatically tuned so that it is easy to use by anyone, even children can use this type of camera.

This type of camera also has the name other point and shoot camera. Which means, that you only need to target the object of photography and just click the camera button. It’s easy and simple right?

2. Camera Bridge (Prosumer Camera)

In addition to pocket cameras, other types of digital cameras that you can know are Bridge cameras or also called Prosumer cameras. If we look at the shape, this Bridge Camera is indeed almost similar to a pocket camera. It’s just that this Camera Bridge has a slightly larger shape than a pocket camera.

The striking difference between the Bridge Camera and pocket camera is the auto and manual modes that have been added to this prosumer camera. In addition, the prosumer camera is also equipped with zoom capabilities that are better than pocket cameras.

Of course with this advantage, you will get clear images and higher quality even though you shoot object images from a fairly far distance. Many people say that this prosumer camera is specifically designed to accommodate photographers who want image quality equivalent to a DSLR camera but its shape remains the same as a pocket camera.

It can be said that this prosumer camera is a combination of DSLR cameras and pocket cameras, both in features and flexibility. However, the results of the images produced are still under a DSLR camera.

The thing that caused one of them is the size of the sensor on the prosumer camera is smaller when compared to DSLR cameras. Because of this, professional photographers usually carry two types of cameras where prosumer cameras are used as backups of DSLR cameras. This is because the prosumer camera is more practical and has a long battery life.

3. Rugged Camera

Is a variant of the pocket camera described in the second point? But this digital camera is more resilient in a variety of conditions, both in heat, cold, rain and can withstand severe shock conditions.

Like most cameras, rugged cameras have facilities such as voice recorders, flash lights, image stabilizers, LCD and GPS

4. Mirrorless Camera

This type of camera is not equipped with a mirror like the type of camera that we find on DSLR cameras.

The absence of these mirrors makes this type of camera smaller and more compact when compared to a DSLR camera. However, do not doubt the ability of this camera. The quality of the photos provided by this type of camera is almost equivalent to a middle-end DSLR camera.

One of the advantages is a camera lens that can be removed as desired as a DSLR camera. This certainly will greatly help you in supporting your shooting needs.

In addition, this camera sensor category is 4/3 and that category is almost equivalent to the quality of a DSLR camera sensor. Thus, the quality of the images produced by this type of camera is quite capable and good in a variety of conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

5. Action Camera

This camera is much loved by young people who like adventure and doing activities in the outdoors, such as traveling to interesting sights.

This type of camera is also included in the camera that is often used by YouTubers for blog video activities (vlog). When viewed from the general function, this camera is indeed more widely used to record videos than take photos.

One of the interesting things about this camera is the shape that is quite small for the size of the camera. Despite its small size, the camera image quality produced by this type of digital camera is not inferior to a pocket camera. Even the quality is better than a pocket camera.

This action camera can produce video quality that is quite capable with 1080p video quality at speeds of 30 frames per second (fps). At a speed of 60 fps, it can produce 720 p video quality. This measure shows that the quality of the video produced by this action camera has been very capable and can even be compared with a high level of High Definition (HD).

In addition, this camera is also equipped with powerful and attractive features. One of the superior features that you can find on this camera is the Image Stabilization feature. Which this feature allows the camera to still produce stable video or image quality almost without shock even though you install it on a motorbike or helmet while driving on the road.

6. DSLR Camera (Digital Single Lens Reflex)

This type of camera is the most capable when compared to other types of digital cameras for now. This type of camera is also the most widely used by professional photographers in capturing each image object in a particular moment.

This DSLR camera is a development of analog type cameras that have been refined with features and specifications that are suitable for today’s shooting needs. In other words, if you want powerful photography features, then you can choose this camera as your shooting weapon. This digital camera has several categories, namely entry level, semi-pro and pro. The lowest level is an entry-level DSLR camera that already has advanced features that are complete and capable. However, the higher the category of the camera, the better specifications and features offered.  This camera offers a fairly complete type of lens, ranging from lenses that have wide angles, such as fish eye to a type of zoom lens that is more than 500 mm. initially this type of camera was only used for photographing photo objects. However, this camera has also been used to record video with HD (high definition) image quality. Because of this, many vloggers use this type of camera to carry out their video blogging activities. This camera is also widely used by professional photographers for commercial needs, such as shooting models, products and others.

7. DSLT Camera (Digital Single Lens Transculent)

When viewed from the shape and size, indeed this type of camera is almost the same as a DSLR camera.

However, the thing that distinguishes this type of camera with DSLRs is the existence of a fixed transculent mirror or also called a semi-transparent mirror, or transmitive mirror. The working method of this mirror is a small amount of light reflected to the auto-focus sensor while the other parts of the light pass through the translucent lens.

With this lens, this camera can record 7 to 10 picture frames every second (10 fps).

8. Video Camera

If in the past when recording video you must save it to a CD or cassette, then the latest generation of this video camera allows you to capture videos and save the video results to a memory card with a large storage capacity too. 

However, this camera is only used for video capture needs. This type of camera is widely used by television news contributors to provide video coverage.

9. Medium Format Camera

This medium format camera has many advantages and one of them is the sharpness and detail of the results of the object being photographed. This type of camera is usually only used for commercial purposes. This is because the camera is capable of producing photos or images with very detailed sharpness.

Many of the advantages of this medium format camera also cause not all photographers can operate this camera. There are several settings and features that can only be maximized by certain photographers.

10. Boutique Camera

When viewed from the shape, this type of digital camera at a glance is similar to a pocket camera. Boutique size of this camera is indeed no bigger than a pocket camera. However, if viewed further and deeper, this camera has features and specifications that are qualified and qualified. Although the size is small and compact, this camera has a quality that is not inferior to a DSLR camera. It is located on the camera sensor that is owned by this camera. The camera is equipped with an equivalent full-frame sensor, even better than a DSLR camera sensor.

The price set for this camera is also quite expensive, even fairly expensive. For example, a boutique camera with the Leica M9 brand which is only the second selling price can reach 35 million rupiah. Meanwhile, for other types with the Leica M Monochrome brand the selling price can reach more than 70 million rupiah. What are you interested in buying?

11. Smartphone Camera

Among the types of cameras above, there is one camera that is widely used by many people, namely the camera on the smartphone. In the past five years, almost all smartphone manufacturers have provided all of their smartphone production with a quality camera that is already qualified. For the quality of images produced by this camera is also quite good and sharp. Another advantage is, this camera is easy to carry anywhere.

12. 360-Degree Digital Camera

This camera has the ability to take pictures and videos 360 degrees. This is because it is supported by a back-to-back lens that takes pictures simultaneously. Generally this type of camera is equipped with virtual reality, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and built-in stitching facilities to support the camera’s maximum capabilities. This camera is suitable for direct recording, it can even be used as an action camera.

Lately, these smartphone manufacturers have also become more aggressive in releasing generations of mobile phones equipped with better camera quality, almost all of which are above 13 mp. If you like to do selfie, then this smartphone camera can be the ideal choice.

The size of the slim and light weight, of course, will make it easier for you to do selfie with your friends. Even this camera is also equipped with a stick, to facilitate taking pictures. Anticipate if the distance is not reached by the hand.

Those are some types of digital cameras that you can know. Actually there are still several other types that you can know. However, these 13 types are the types of cameras that are widely used by photographers in Indonesia, both those who are beginners or those who are professional.

Which type of camera you will choose, of course it must be tailored to your needs. If indeed you are a beginner photographer, then you should also choose a digital camera that has features that are still simplistic first. This is because so you are easier to operate.