Hobby photographer is a hobby that is quite expensive, why is that? Because a photographer must have a camera that is not cheap to get good quality photos.

For those of you who have a hobby of photographing but are hindered by minimal costs, from now on you don’t need to worry anymore.

The rise of smartphones with cool camera specifications has been widely circulated in the market, it is a very appropriate solution for those of you who have a hobby of photographing.

The features that are applied to smartphone cameras are now more sophisticated and quality, so it’s no wonder that lots of cool photos are just cracking from smartphones.

But make no mistake, even though many smartphone cameras are equipped with advanced features, you also have to have the skills so that the resulting image has a very good quality like a photo from a DSLR camera.

To keep your photos cool even though you use a smartphone camera, below are tips for producing quality photos like professional photographers.

1. Know the Automatic Mode on the Smartphone

The first thing before deciding to take a quality picture from a smartphone is knowing the position of the automatic mode on your smartphone.

Besides that you also have to be smart to set the ISO correctly, so that the results of the images obtained are in accordance with your expectations.

If you are smart to arrange the features in your camera, you might not need the initial default settings anymore.

Just arrange the features available on your smartphone according to your taste, because good photos depend on your taste.

2.Use both hands when shooting

Often this second tip is considered less important, because usually people casually photograph objects with one object regardless of the quality of the image.

Photographing objects using both hands will keep your drawing stable, so the possibility of blur in the image is very little.

If you want to create a more perfect image, you can install your smartphone on a tripod, this method is very effective for making images like a beginner photographer.

3. Avoid Digital Zoom

This third tip does not need to be applied if the smartphone you are using is the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Because both of these sophisticated smartphones have cameras with 2x optical zoom. So there is no reason for you not to use this feature.

Optical zoom that is owned by both smartphones will not reduce the quality of the image produced, so it’s fine if you want to use this feature.

But if you take pictures with a smartphone that still uses digital zoom on the camera, you should apply these tips. Because if you use a digital zoom the quality of your drawing will decrease, so the resulting image will look broken.

4.Take Some Photos

If you are not satisfied with the results of your shots, it would be nice to apply these tips, namely by taking several pictures at a time.

This method is very fitting, if the object you aim at is moving fast. By taking photos repeatedly you can sort out the images that you think are the best.

5. Edit the image

The last tip you have to do after getting a quality picture is to edit the image.

Because this editing process can brighten you’re drawing results and improve the aesthetics of the photo.

If you are not satisfied with the editing features of your camera, you can also use other editing apps that are cooler.

By applying the 5 easy tips as above, you are guaranteed to get images like professional photographers with just a smartphone camera. And good luck.